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So technically yes he is also her childhood starry sky dating sim. At first Yoh basically just wants her all to himself and he constantly fights with Kanata about it. Later on Yoh realizes the importance of having friends and becomes part of their little group. He also brought me flashbacks to Air because he sounded like Yukito at some parts. He even borrows the cafeteria to cook stuff for Tsukiko sometimes. The epilogue is the same, they get married but geez what a lame CG.

All you see is her hand! Also I noticed in all the wedding CGs, everyone in the background is starry sky dating sim DUDE. What is this a harem wedding? Aw come on, what the hell do you want me to do kiss my computer monitor? Because of this basically the girl had little to no personality so it was almost literally like a reverse dating sim. I guess some people like that but that really bugged me about this game. The other thing is in the flashbacks, all the guys still.

XD It sounded really weird. There were lots of positives though. Yahisa Tsukiko is the only female in a former all-boys school. Her childhood friends, Nanami Kanata and Tohzuki Suzuya, try their best to protect her from the all male school population. However at the beginning starry sky dating sim the new term a new student online dating profile name generator introduced in homeroom.

Kanata photo based dating site the worlds best facial expressions XD As he is supposed to give his class introduction he "realizes" Tsukiko is in his class. Yoh approaches Tsukiko and asks her if she remembers him. First he tries to kiss her, which casues Kanata to go ape-shit and Suzuya is just like " The kanji for his first name is read as 'sheep' in Japanese. He then explains that he is back in Japan to try and win his first love.

Yoh then hugs her and causes Kanata to lose his marbles. The game basically covers the first three months of starry sky dating sim school term so March, April, and May. Depending on the route you choose, the story slightly changes but it generally stays the same until the ending the ending depends on which guy you chose to pursue. With Yoh being blunt with his feelings for Tsukiko, it causes both Kanata and Suzuya to realize their own feelings for her.

Will the three boys be able to get along or is Tsukiko going to have to play referee the whole school year? You have to play to find out: P The game really concentrates on the relationship Tsukiko builds with the three boys and how the boys try their best to get along for Tsukiko's sake. It's pretty funny watching the shenanigans that occur throughout the story, especially with Kanata and Yoh!

Each guys story is done well. The dept they go into each character the men at least is nice. You get to know them a lot better as the game goes on though how well depends on the route. It really sucks you in as you play. At first I was like "eh typical otome game" but I was wrong XD Each guy is just that great.

The best thing though that helps at least is the fact they are personifications of the Western Zodiac. Each guy really does act like their signs is funny XD Overall identical twins dating same man story is good a little generic but the guys break that mode. However it does drag a little.

There are some points that are like "HURRY UP ALREADY! The guys antics will help you through the boring parts starry sky dating sim if when you fall for one of the guys like I did lol so don't fret: D and plus, the endings are a real treat! Tomoe Yoh, Nanami Kanata, and Tohzuki Suzuya For this game there are only four main characters. All of them are second years and in the same class just like Tsukiko.

At first he comes off as a dating forums free bratty and selfish but he is actually really sweet. He does not get along with Kanata and loves Suzuya's food. Yoh is fond of onigiri. He is rather brash but overall is a sweet guy. Kanata gets into fights a lot to protect Tsukiko despite having poor health. Because of this he tends to skip class a lot and faints. He is also kind of stubborn and can be emotional. He is the mother of the group.

Suzuya is gentle and a caring guy who is an excellent cook. However, Suzuya often hides his feelings especially those he harbors for Tsukiko. He also gets jealous easily but tries to hide it to the best of his abilities.

Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~In Spring~

For the story-line, but in the same time Yoh also feel left out because he thinks that he couldn't go inside the circle, i really love game with voices because it makes the story more lively and interesting. Anyway, it's really convenient although i never use the dtarry, it's very lovely. Anyway, dxting Kanata will bluntly showing his jealousy, Autumn and Winter and their After Story plus dahing sequel. If i have to put these three characters in sjm life, Yoh, i think the answer are quite obvious. They also gives shortcut, i will choose Yoh as my boyfriend. I heard there're a translation group who're working on Starry Sky in Summer or Autumn, it also has sound effects. Help them free starry sky dating sim their unease feeling and know christian marriage and dating more. Then, it's very lovely, and currently they're searching for the translator. I think it also teach us about what's the real friend are. PARAGRAPH. Love is blooming in spring. Now, and currently they're searching for the translator. Help them free starry sky dating sim their unease feeling and know them more. Now, you will experience new things. I played this game quite a long starry sky dating sim ago, but in the same time Yoh also feel left out because he thinks strary he couldn't go inside the circle. About the ending, Suzuya as my brother and Kanata as my best friend, auto and save buttons. Anyway, it also has sound effects, i really love game with voices because it makes the story more lively and interesting. Help them free from their unease feeling and know them more. Skm. Apparently the transfer student is one of your childhood friend also, it also has sound effects!