It was an absurd number of matches. But you know what sucks? I wanted to message ALL of them. And then there was logistics. Moving "leads" down the "pipeline. Now, Bernie AI had an autoresponder with multiple stages So an incredibly helpful tool would be not only a tool to send out new icebreakers to my matches in an easy-to-manage UI, but as a data-driven person I also want to see the response rate fast lane dating my icebreakers.

Create new autoresponder sequences, all the way to an AI scheduling the date. There's even a dude who linked Tinder to a CRM to manage his "leads. I'll have to find lzne article and post it below. The worst part of the fast lane dating is that he was only mildly good-looking. Imagine the "Nice Guy" Tuba player in high school with a flat tire Can you imagine how much a Leonardo Dicaprio lookalike could leverage a bot and autoresponder sequence?

The final nail in the coffin would be to do everything from above, but link ALL of your "leads" from multiple dating apps into one platform. A unified place to see everyone from Happn, Tinder, Bumble, Hot or Not, etc Again, Bernie AI did this but only for Tinder and Happn. Your ability to support multiple apps will depend on the app itself obviously. Anyway, this has sorta turned into a long-ass rant, but seriously. Google Scholar Byrne, D. Google Scholar Capella, J.

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