The IP address is used to identify the network which has been used for the online exchange. Anyone who is caught must expect fines of several hundred euros. The computer magazine "c't" reported on a Syrian refugee who is supposed to pay euros for illegally downloading a film via BitTorrent. According to the article, link: Listening or downloading music legally, via platforms like Spotify, iTunes There are already cases in which refugees have been caught sharing files illegally and ended up having to pay.

Who has to pay? People who make Wi-Fi available to others, like neighbors or roommates, must expect to be held accountable. If in doubt, not only the person illegally downloading movies or music but also the owner of the Internet connection is at fault: Since the law does prescribe a penalty or punishment, but instead, a claim for damages, refugees must not fear losing their residency permit, said Henning Werner, a lawyer from the consumer protection office.

Why is the law so strict? Refugees cannot hope for leniency. Of course, most law firms are aware of the fact that refugees do not have much money. However, even recipients of welfare benefits must pay if they download anything illegally. So it is better to be informed. German copyright law is strict. It supposed protect creators, like writers, dating rules stream german, and singers, from those who spread their work without permission and without payment.

How do I find legal films or music on the Internet? Dating rules stream german streaming, which means only watching or listening without saving the files, is not a problem. The German consumer protection office offers advice on its website: When streaming movies and music, you should rely on the large well-known sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Netflix or Amazon. The consumer protection website also offers tips for safely navigating the Internet.

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Warning for refugees on illegal downloads


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