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{PARAGRAPH}Cheating has been one of the main themes of my blog the last few years. But as luck has it, there came a time when I was actually cheated on. Serge dzting cheating on me about mid-November and it new york city speed dating reviews on until the cihy of this year. If I were honest, I probably could sense something was wrong straight away, but I only knew for sure he was cheating on me by mid-December. By the time I went away for a weekend trip to Italy with Dating in the city blog, as my Christmas present to him, I was positive that he was seeing another woman at the same time. During online dating site singapore months, we were going through a rough patch and we also spent quite a while apart because of travelling. By the time Serge came back from a two-week holiday in November, I could sense that something had changed. So I found out about Laura — as far as I could tell they were dating since mid- November and had met up quite a few times. Every time I came back everything was exactly where I left it. So for that I was positive. It was so overwhelming, that even now, if I close my eyes for a split second and remember everything, my breath is still cut short and I can still feel the pain. By this point you are probably wondering why I stayed with him for six more months, until he eventually broke up with me. But it looks like I still haven't managed to get it quite right. Honestly, I'm not even joking, a city of 8 million people and I struggle to get a date with someone I fancy Don't get me wrong though, I have dated a few guys since I moved to London, but things just didn't work out. And ok, maybe it's not fair to just blame the big city, as I might be partly guilty too My love life over the past few years has been: Either me seeing someone who I really dating in the city blog but it not turning into something serious Me not seeing anyone but being totally hung-up on a past someone -who was equally living too far away or im far dating in the city blog non-committal Or me seeing someone really nice but still being totally hung-up on one of the aforementioned 'someones' So yeah, I guess I can't put all the blame on London. I'm still stuck in the traditional way of "Girl meets guy, guy meets girl, they look into each other's eyes, instant attraction, a few weeks or even months of ups and downs, to then end up being happily together, madly in love, forever after". Ok, let's add Fifty Shades of Grey to that pool too, yes I do really like Fifty Shades Unfortunately, that is not quite the way things happen in big cities nowadays. It's more something like, "Girl swipes left, left, left, right; guy swipes right, right, right, right; mutual match; courtesy messages exchange -only if you're lucky and don't get an immediate "shall we meet now? Until you actually at some point, somehow, find or are found by the person, who datiny totally right and that wants exactly things as you do. Then, and only then, can you enjoy a world of unlimited doses of complicity, fun, committal or non-committal sex, a dating in the city blog or open relationship, or whatever it is you're after. But until that moment, when the stars align for you to cross-paths with that one person, you better get your dating strategy right It's cihy filmed in Hackney, London and it shows pretty accurately what I'm describing in this tye

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