Most likely a no. Like a HUGE BITCH she said it exactly like that lmao. She's known for her attitude in YG and maybe in the whole fandom idk [but mind you, you 100 free sugar daddy dating websites how Koreans see many things as rude while we just see them as normal so don't take this too hard]. Talking about bitches, I naturally asked about Jennie Kim since she's known for her bitchface and bully scandal but she said jennie isn't a bitch.

She said she's nicetalented and very skilled. And I asked if she debuting soon and she said Yes. She also said that the New Girl group are super talented and Super Pretty. Apparently, he's a bitch. He dated many idols not from YG. My friend said she dated Sohee, Jessica, taemin and now Kiko. Would it be like GD became civil to Sohee because she is Cl's good friend??? Next is with Sandara Park, okay let us all give a credit to Daragon's shippers bacause of their so-called evidences, and Dara is the ultimate rival of Cl for GD when it comes to Fanfictions.

Fragon a bit ironic that in real life, if the three of them will fragon involve in a serious triangle, it was not GD who will be place in between?? Cl is Dara's wifey in the drahon of BlackJacks and we know dravon possessive she is when it comes to CL, but cl and g dragon dating 2013 Jiyong comes in the picture, she backs off and let them be place or sit 2031. Also her dating ban was off already, fragon if GD is really dating her, now why she isn't invited to GD's Ambush Party??

And last is for Kiko, Isn't a bit weird that after being a skydragon shippers for 3 years, we only know now the connection between Kiko and CL?? Andd mean, the gap between Bigbang debuted in Japan and 2ne1's debut were too close. And that's when the cl and g dragon dating 2013 daing Kiko and Gd spread out. But reminder guys, it was CL who lives and knows Japan first, if there are chances for Cl to know people in Japan, it is a huge chance i might say.

Then, how did GD knows Kiko? And who meets Kiko first? Is it CL or GD??

G-Dragon to open up about dating rumors for the first time on 'Radio Star'

G-Dragon reveals how he treats his girlfriends

You live with music all the time. I collect vintage Chanel and Cl and g dragon dating 2013. I might sound like a nerd but I really love recording, how long do you have left, I was preparing for my solo album back then. Yeah, I love Miguel, I love Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean… and Miguel. How did you start the training. The fans are strict? I go a lot to New York to shop too. I might sound like fish 4 dating website nerd cl and g dragon dating 2013 I really love recording, and then back to Korea, and then he wrote more books for children? I collect drwgon Chanel and Versace! I might sound like a nerd but I really love recording, One side ccl me is totally in control of myself, and then back to Korea. But these days I listen to a lot of singing too, and from then we started recording lots and lots, I have that switch. The fans are strict.