By Michelle Singletary By Michelle Singletary Datting 8 Follow SingletaryM iStock The intersection of finance and romance is always a tricky place. And many people even arrive there while still dating, when the level of debt — student loans included — carried by a potential partner creates concern about the next step in the relationship. But what happens when heavy debt hits close to home?

What do you do financial dating your significant other is struggling under the weight of student loans? Should you dump him or her because of the debt? Could you bring yourself to marry someone with substantial student loans? IonTuition, financial dating provides an online debt-management service for students, conducted a survey of 1, American adults to sating how student debt plays out in dating.

During one of my recent online chats, a reader expressed apprehension about dating someone with financial dating loans. At 20, her parents disowned her for being gay. She went from homeless to working full time to paying for college and graduate school herself and has become a very successful adult. What would you do if the U. Do you have any advice on how to be more understanding?

In between the flowers and the heart flutters, take the time to see if the person you love fits any of these eight signs. The finamcial below is steeped in best dating sites to meet cougars experience, as well as a recent survey by TD Ameritrade about the biggest financial dealbreakers in Americans' love lives.

Not to mention research from the National Marriage Daring about the most likely predictors of divorce -- many of which center around money. After reading these signs, if you're tempted to say, "Oh, but my partner isn't really like that One sign alone doesn't mean your relationship is in jeopardy. And for each, we'll give you a recommendation of what to do next if your true love fits the profile. Check out the signs the one you love just might be bad for your financial health.

He's In Major Credit Card Debt And Not Doing Anything About Datnig We know: Icky things like a job loss or divorce can put you in the hole quickly. Which financial dating why we always recommend you build at least a six-month emergency fund. We're not saying you shouldn't date anyone with debt to his name. The red flag in this situation is someone who continues to accrue it -- and doesn't have a plan to undo it.

Not only does the habit suggest you're falling for someone who can't handle money responsibly, there's financial dating evidence it can hurt you both long-term. If they accrue substantial best affiliate dating sites, it puts a strain on their marriage. And the couples fiinancial the study who had accrued debt actually grew less happy over time as compared to those without it.

What You Can Do: The flip side of that dqting study shows that couples who made a plan and tackled their debt together remained happier with each other over the long-term. Debt definitely needn't spell the end of a relationship, but it does mean you financial dating to have a talk about how either partner got into debt in the first place and what you'll do together to pay it off. Our "Get to Your Goal" calculator is an easy way to see how long it could take you.

He Spends Like A Drunken Sailor Whether it's literally getting drunk and buying a round for the whole financial dating, or just a serious taste for pricey new gadgets, spending as though money is going out of style can be a warning sign. Only extramarital affairs and alcohol or drug abuse were stronger predictors of being headed for splitsville.

But if your heart rate goes up every time he opens his wallet or unveils another new "toy," it's time for a financial dating. People overspend for a lot of different reasons. Your first goal should be to communicate that his habits make you uncomfortable. One easy way to start the conversation? Take our " What's Your Money Belief? You Have Vastly Different Attitudes Toward Money While opposites do attract, and this needn't spell doom, having vastly different worldviews when finahcial comes to your finances can cause friction.

Maybe you're the spender, he's the saver, or vice versa. Either way, over time, being nagged can wear thin. The problem is that resentment builds up. Take a pair of married friends we know: She, on the other hand, defends herself, saying: The goal isn't to decide who's ultimately dating your zodiac sign, just to get on the same page so you're not fighting every time you head to the ATM.

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