I would highly suggest offering your parents the option of picking the song. It was probably THE BEST father daughter dance I have ever seen! Anyway, it felt like a really sweet honoring of the child I had once been — as well as the adult I am now — we were both balling our eyes out Shawna Gawwww! It reminds me of being 11 and so impressed at dancing like a grown up in a dressed up room with my dad and all our friends.

He asked if that would be a good one and I said yes, unequivocally. It really encapsulates my relationship with my dad, and how I know he was feeling that day even though I was 36, so a lot of those memories were WAY in the past. I still cannot hear the song without tearing up. It was a much more controversial choice than I ever would have guessed in a million years.

Leah I surprised my father with this for our dance at my wedding, and he totally cried. One of my strongest memories of the whole mmy. Lulu One of my cherished possessions is a CD of the Wild Thornberrys movie soundtrack, because my dad, who did not have one sentimental bone in his body, bought it for me because it has that song on it. Seren We used The Moody Blues- In Your Wildest Dreams because my dad is a huge Moody Blues friend, and it reminded me amber rose dating again much of being a kid and singing it with him.

When it picked up after the first 30 seconds my dating my dads best friends songs just took off, and it was awesome! We were laughing so hard by the end! My mom played it for us growing up because she remembered seeing the dancing in the video this and West Side Story are the reasons I was put in dance classes as a kid so actually seeing the ebst a dacs years ago was really emotional. I think I might have to play it for her at the wedding and then we will all cry.

Rachel Get fish dating used that song too, but we sang it together rather than having a dance: We both love Motown, and even though the song is a little quick, it was the best. SJ I asked my dad, early in the planning process, to pick our song. He decided to keep it a secret.

He went with Mg by Steven Curtis Chapman. With it as dad has been a photographer for most of my life was a lovely slideshow. In a way, a part of all of us came from our dads' ballsacks. George Michael- Father Figure Look: This is a weird, amazing dating my dads best friends songs that was 1 on US charts in can you imagine a ddads about this being number one dating my dads best friends songs the age of blogs?

And it walks the line of maybe appropriate for a little bit Great way for your dad to advertise to your loved ones that he kinda wanted a boy, even on the day of your wedding. Something tells me that if I ever break my anti-wedding reception vow, my father will figure out a way to play this just to mess with me. And, to be honest, I'd probably laugh pretty hard. Julie London- My Heart Belongs to Daddy The Marilyn Monroe version of this song is also bubbly, cloying, and creepy.

Like fizzy, piping hot cotton candy. Rodney Atkins - Cleanin' This Gun Come On In Boy The first two lines attempt to rhyme "Declaration of Independence" and "sentence," so you know it's gonna be good. The rest datkng the song is about a father of a teenage girl threatening to shoot his daughter's boyfriend, and then being afraid that teen boys frirnds want to date his own daughter will also need a similarly stern gun-waving to keep the in line.

Come on in boy, sit on down And tell me 'bout yourself So you like my daughter, do you now Yeah we think she's something else She's her daddy's girl and her mama's world She deserves respect, that's what she'll get, ain't it son Now y'all run along and have some fun I'll see you when you get back Bet I'll be up all night Still cleaning this gun Yes, tuxedo pants will be heartily shat with this one. Golden Earrings - Daddy Buy Me A Girl I have no idea what this song's lyrics even mean.

It sounds like an upbeat little ditty blued dating site human trafficking. Lil Wayne - Stuntin' Like My Daddy V tough to waltz or even swing dance to tbh. Chuck Wicks- Stealing Cinderella I do appreciate how this song painstakingly restores antique attitudes and presents them in a clear twangy glass display case. But I can't get over the flawed parallel that is central to this song's entire thesis: So unless the father in the song is an IRL ghost, it doesn't even make sense.

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26 Most Adorable Songs About Dads

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