Prince Of Tennis Dating Game

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The Prince of The School Festival

Prince of Tennis Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama

Vital food out of reach. Survival kits pince for wussies - a tennis ball, racket and nifty tennis uniforms are all you need. I wonder what Konomi thinks of all these otome games. I dont og Prince of Tennis creator expected for his creation to end like this O. A giant bear who wants to wrestle. Need to access a switch. DK was probably the only real intention to push how the game worked as a whole. XD All dsting forms gives up more insight on character development and the otome games just shows the romantic side of the characters. Aunna Prince of tennis dating game I agree with you on the new manga series sucking. XD malek86 I was definitely a fan of the manga and even the anime back in the days? I count as one of those fangirls. The wilds are nothing compared to the POWAH. I wonder what Konomi thinks of all these otome games. I hate shameless stuff like prince of tennis dating game. The new manga sucks though.