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Ali, also from Tehran, said he would not join, as [his] "matches would be chosen by the people running the website, and I can't trust that they would make the right decision". But with around Western-style dating websites operating within Iran, according to Mr Golrazi, the new sanctioned site is meant to draw users away.

Image copyright Governmenf Image caption Sex before marriage is illegal in Iran, leading some couples to enter into temporary unions The existing sites contain what Mr Golrazi called "illegal and immoral" content. Authorities worry that such sites encourage sex before marriage - illegal under Iran's strict application of Sharia law - sometimes through temporary marriages known as sigheh.

Indeed some websites are set up to exploit the practice as a way to circumvent the law specifically for individuals solely interested in sexual relationships. Under sigheh a union can be as short as 30 minutes, or as long as 99 years. No official papers are required - all that is needed is a simple blessing by a mullah. It is a mechanism which is permitted for married men dating website with no pictures want a second partner, but not for married women, governent can face flogging or stoning if caught with another man under Islamic law.

However in practice the severest punishments are seldom carried out. Clerical supervision Attempts to regulate illegal dating websites have previously been tried and failed. Where sites have been shut down, others have sprung up. However there are some online matchmaking sites that are run by religious clerics and have the blessing of the government. The main aim is to encourage marriage and give young Iranians from more conservative backgrounds government dating sites comfort they seek in using internet dating by adhering to the traditional concept but with a modern twist.

One example is the Amin Family Center. Singles in search of love enter personal preferences in a partner, and once an online match is found, both parties government dating sites invited to an initial face-to-face meeting, which takes place under the supervision of a cleric in a "safe atmosphere", like their office. To make sure the pair is harmonious, a counsellor is brought in to govegnment an assessment. In response, many different private sites are offering guidance on how sties spot fake government dating sites dating profiles.

These range from blogs to the dating sites themselves. OKCupida huge free dating service that operates around the world, offers guidelines on how to be safe and avoid scams. You can also buy apps or services to assist you. They can run various types of background checks on your date for small fee. The government dating sites points out that government dating sites could try to turn a conversation in an intimate direction. Then they threaten to publish your conversation unless you pay them off.

For instance, in Singapore, a government agency called the Social Development Network SND accredits private government dating sites services. Their efforts were not a great success. In the s, the SND shifted to accrediting private agencies. In the Netherlands, the situation is similar to the United States. There is very little government regulation, thus nine dating sites announced this week that they would start policing themselves. Sites who achieve the certification can display a blue logo with a lock with a heart shape in place of a keyhole.

Thus this is a good way to datkng the wheat from the chaff. The staff government dating sites every profile to dting to eliminate fraud as much as possible. In the United States, there is currently is pof the only free dating site such certification program. Well-established dating sites that require membership fees are generally seen as trustworthy. Online dating has been so successful largely because it has been free to evolve and grow without government interference.

Iran: Internet dating website launched by state

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